ATV World Ltd is your corporate headquarters for safety training and equipment rental shop. As off road enthusiast we understand the requirements of our clients and that all ATV are not created equal. You need a specific ATV for a specific job in a certain environment, so we offer may brand types of quads.

At ATV World Ltd., our goal is to provide the best customer service that we can provide, giving our clients quality machines with utmost attention given to safety and reliability. Which in return brings strong client loyalty.

We provide our clients with the satisfaction of knowing that are products are well maintained, how we do this by only offering our product to corporate clients only, these machine are not rented to recreational users.

Some of our products include, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Bombardier, Ski doo. All our quads are 4 x 4's,offering automatic or manual transmissions and some with even high / lo range. We can customize your machine to your needs, safety flags, quad boxes, snow plows, etc. All our quads come equipped with OH & S requirements which includes owners manual, registration and insurance with every machine.

We equip every machine with a tree saver and D ring to reduce the damage to the environment and to plactice TREAD Lightly. Our machines are pressure washed with hot soapy water ensuring that no dirt is transferred from one area to another, meeting EPA requirements.

We offer daily, weekly, monthly rates. Pick up and drop service can be arranged upon request.